Transmodular Mobile Hospital Systems provide state-of-the-art, complete expandable prefabricated hospitals for a fraction of the cost of conventional construction. Our prefabricated hospitals are medically certified and designed for commercial duty and rapid deployment anywhere in the world, Transmodular Hospitals provide immediate, affordable solutions to the need for modern, self-sustaining surgical and medical centers for rural communities, disaster relief, population relocations, hospital expansions and remodels, military healthcare, and humanitartan aid.

Affordable and Cost-contained Mobile Hospital Complexes can be constructed and deployed in 6 to 9 months. Traditional building contracts take an average of 5 to 8 years by comparison. Full-scale Transmodular Hospitals average to be about $500,000 per bed, as compared to $1,500,000 per bed traditionally.

These customizable healthcare centers are built in a highly specialized, US-based manufacturing environment. With over 50 years of cumulative experience in healthcare construction and maintenance services, American Bio-Medical Services Corp had developed the most advanced mobile medical care facility known to date.

Transportable and Complete Transportable and Complete Hospitals, Mobile Units and Surgical Centers arrive fully equipped and stocked with medical supplies, and are able to be deployed and operational in as little as 2 weeks upon delivery. Hospital Complexes and individual componentized medical units are designed to provide maximum flexibility, allowing future expansion or even complete relocation as required in a matter of weeks.

All models are capable of being transported by cargo ships, overland haulers, or helicopter. Each Modular Hospital Unit can be parked in place or installed on a foundation for semi-permanent or permanent use, complete with security systems. This highly adaptable design offers crucial advantages in the event of climate or disaster-related relocation demands.

Expertly Designed and Pre-Certified Professionally engineered by experienced industry specialists for spaciousness, comfort and efficiency, our pre-fabricated medical facilites are deliverered completely operational. Exteriors can by modified with facades or aesthetic additons to suit.

Modular Hospitals can be self-contained with on-site energy and medical gas production, water processing modules, and integrated waste management systems, depending on your requirements. Modules are constructed with the finest hospital-grade flooring and surfaces for ease of maintenance and decontamination requirements.

Complete in-house training is provided for your medical staff on new instruments, auxilliary systems, and our automated inventory re-stocking technology. Ongoing tech-support is provided via live satellite uplink, and instant access to instruction video downloads.

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Maternity Ward Module
Mobile Surgery Suite
Mobile Radiology Unit

Outpatient Facility Module
Intensive Care Unit

Hospital Staff Center
Mobile Laboratory Facility
Mobile Pharmacy Module

Laundry Facility
Kitchen Facility

Transportable Morgue Unit
Medical Gases Generation
Mobile Incinerator
Water Treatment System
Generator Room


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