Mobile Maternity Ward

Shown below as a single module that can be connected to a larger hospital configuration. Each unit is carefully designed to include the special requirements of each client while still meeting the stringent design standards of certified medical construction.

American Bio-Medical Service Corporation's Transmodular division has developed the most advanced, fully self-sustaining, mobile medical care facility known to date.  Currently, there are no other certified commercial modular medical units available with the self-sufficiency, mobility and design flexibility that we offer.

As a fully functioning, self-sustaining surgical/medical center, the Mobile Unit requires very little setup time and comes equipped with security and monitoring systems.  The spacious design flows from room to room offering a comfortable environment for patients and staff. These mobile units can be custom modified to create ancillary facilities, such as housing or teaching units for staff and patients. All mobile operating theatres and recovery wards designs can be custom adjusted to the individual needs of our customers.

All models are mobile and capable of being transported by cargo ships, overland haulers, or military helicopters.  Each Mobile Unit can be installed on a foundation for semi-permanent or permanent use.  The units can also be linked to form a mobile building complex, such as a full-fledged hospital.


  • The Mobile Unit can be connected to local commercial utility power.  (Back-up power will automatically transfer if interrupted).
  • The generator is capable of continuous 24-hour operation for one week using diesel fuel.
  • Self-contained fresh water supply; black and grey waste tanks all installed as necessary.
  • Redundant air-conditioning system with five fan-coils and individually controlled temperature zones.
  • On-demand electric water pump used for all sinks, water heater, and toilets; built-in 10-gallon water heater.
  • Fully installed medical gas and vacuum system (includes independent O2 Generator, manifold, monitors and alarm system).
  • Complete security systems with outside remote camera system.

Maternity Ward Module
Mobile Surgery Suite
Mobile Radiology Unit

Outpatient Facility Module
Intensive Care Unit

Hospital Staff Center
Mobile Laboratory Facility
Mobile Pharmacy Module

Laundry Facility
Kitchen Facility

Transportable Morgue Unit
Medical Gases Generation
Mobile Incinerator
Water Treatment System
Generator Room

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